About Yeoseop Yoon

Yeoseop Yoon

Yeoseop grew up in Seoul, Korea and moved to Australia at the age of 16. This dichotomy of Eastern and Western culture afforded him a unique perspective. In language, Yeoseop found English to be very subjective and poetic while Korean more literal and critical. These two different aspects of communication are at the heart of his clear individual style and brand of cinema.

Yeoseop developed a desire to tell stories by observing his surroundings. What he noticed, was poetry. In every corner of life, whatever the situation, whatever the environment, there is poetry, a beauty that holds its form regardless.

Yeoseop enjoys putting magnifying glasses on the most minuscule aspects of an individuals life and amplifying its essence. Making it very personal and intimate so that it becomes relatable at a universal, human level, allowing some insight into why we are the way we are.