About Paul Nevison

Paul Nevison

Originally from New Zealand and now based in Australia, Paul is a socially conscious storyteller who thrives in stories grounded in purpose – championing the underdog, the unlikely and the overlooked. In an age of social, political and ecological discord – stories that connect and remind us of what it means to be human are more important than ever.

Filmmaking has taken Paul to over 40 countries where he has developed a film style steeped in the complexities of human emotion, utilising intimate cinematic portraits to uncover truths both personal and universal.

Paul’s work has received international attention with recent projects picking up directors awards at Ciclope and a Gold Screen at the 2019 Young Director Award at Cannes Lions.

Paul is currently in post-production on his first feature documentary “The Evil Good” slated for release in late 2020, which details the story of a Phoenix cop battling his own family in the Mexican drug cartels.